Exit 6

by Brash

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released March 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Brash Connecticut

The life of a space cowboy is a lonely one.

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Track Name: Mic Check
Everytime I check the mic// when it fires up// i'll be throwin down a check// while i light it up// walkin round my home town// lookin' stoned and stuff// people seem to see me// like i'm broke down// and busted up// I keep showin'// the sound// that keeps growin'// and found// that each show// that I have// just keeps comin' around// back to the fact// that I ain't worth jack shit// rapple be that never had// has been// trash kid// bummy// lookin' for his five finger// discount// sonny// 'cause rap// never ever paid me off// that money// my bills straight// have me in a sweat box//- now I'm reppin' PBX// so the bets off// with a double a// penetrate a tight frame// make a hammer slight bang// when in knife range// I don't gotta stab// mic check sound blast// you can always see brash// fiend for the mic grab//

Cause I fiend// for the mic check//
east coast// to the west// for the mic check//
everybody make way// for the rap vet//
spendin' 10 plus// blowin' up// off the sound set//

Cause I live// for the mic check//
stressin' for the next breath// on the mic check//
everybody get bombed// while I catch wreck//
work my whole life// for the love// of the mic check//

I like to kill shit// ugly on the inside// just try// to get right// over like a lipslide// tho you spit tight// you can't get a free ride// you can't ever get my// level less it// knee high// kiss skies// splatter my matter// up in between thighs// get right// killin' a villin'// without no reprise// I stay blessed// with the funk// put some air// in your pumps// catch some air// on the jump// for the low touch// when the mics clutched// 'bout to see a fiend// work// mic check// over beat work// make your neck jerk// came away from days// of nothin'// for the mic check// to being recognized// in my state// for the mic bless// oh yes// stay away from contracts// i'll go indie// to the point// I can drop wax// head is jam packed// stacked for the mic check// fakers want to straight test// tear down// their weak set//

Taylor made// death// call me redrum// you can feel the vibe// when the song's done sung// killed it in CT// aim for the fun// while everybody acts// like their battle been won// ((haha))// and they ain't even close// I keep at the game// even though// I should ghost// even when the people// let me fall down// to roast// I fiend for the mic check// coast to the coast// I like to dwell in the mind/ let the thoughts intertwine// and expel all the lines// for the mic check// keep the pace// and the wreck// and the emcees in check// while I get my respect// for the mic check// and you try and ignite// for a fight// on the mic// while I got you// in fright// for a bomb threat// you can't see// with you eye// you will see with the mind// when I bust out// my lines for the mic check//
Track Name: Million Dollar Head
No place to rest// my head down to sleep// no job to go to// and nothin to eat// I got a million dollar head on//
two kids to feed// with no where to go// my home is foreclosed// and nobody knows//
I got a million dollar head on// million dollar head on me//

What up// fellow slaves// to the day job// always get your time robbed// compensated light// with no time off// imaginin' the riches that you don't have// thinkin' 'bout the fast cars// money in the bank yea// don't expect your job// to give a damn// about your needs// expect the unexpected// and imagine that you're free// be thankful that you got// the bare minimum to feed// keep your eyes// on the prize// don't fall victim to// the greed// everyone's a sucker// that's entitled to// a million bucks// I had a dream// I had it once// then I woke up// thought I got a// top notch spot// now i'm grown up// just always know// the grass seems greener// to them fake punks// bein' born poor// in america's a sad thing// but there's more// to who you are// switch what you think// even in america// the poor can be like kings// it's not about that stuff// that you got// those are just things//

Let me borrow a dollar for gas please// I gotta go and// dig through some treasure// for a trash heap// buyin up a bunch// of stupid stuff// that you don't need// actin poor// with cartoons// playin' in// the backseat// the things// people do// for the paper chase// there's no escape// get your brain erased// try to innovate// never settle// for a little piece// take a whole// plate// if police// run up with them lights// time to am-scray// this is for them broke fuckers// on the left side// and all them broke// motherfuckers// on the right side// I leave some stank// in the whip// when I bum rides// so leave your windows cracked// “holla back”// while I drop rhymes// so this is what/ i'm getting at// keep your head space clear// and stay weird on a track// watch it all collapse// then laugh// they only act// in self resolve// they won't evolve// until these problems// are solved//
Track Name: Rewind
Spit blood// sippin from my cuts// as it rewinds// each time// I think back// goin' nuts// when I write rhymes// speak wise// better hold your guts// while my sword shines// slice fine// inches of the scalp// like a grand prize// fast actin// like a thunder bolt of lightin'// excited// starter of the fight// in a mosh pit// brighten// every source of power// that these words wield// no shield// in magnetic fields// I just break reels// ((rewind))// back to those times// that I felt robbed// ((rewind))// back to the moments// that I lost stock// ((back up))// you couldn't ever touch// where I been from// ((still young))// lyric loaded gun// with a cocked pump// I stay healthy// over break beats// I bury emcees only// three feet// deep// and stay loaded when the dead rise// pop em' in the grill// then ask God why// make it rewind//

Rewind// before the 90s left my head buzzed//
Rewind// back before I ever touched// a hard drug//
Rewind// to the purest form// of my damn art//
Rewind// back before my parent's had their first thought//

I'm so fucked up// I hate it// the insides// splatters with that war paint// faceless// pull my number// in the summer// of wonder// among the aphids// while every emcee// sits at home// growin' famous// break beat// stab a drum head// with pitchfork// honkie dork// workin' tech support// 'till his back is sore// shape shift// with the dark heart// that I squander// my CD's// a static filled// EVP// my spirit wanders// ((rewind)) better make it count// for that next time// ((hit back)) hit them where it hurts// like a strong line// ((sit down)) i'll be fresh to death// 'till I past prime// even then dent// them young heads// with an ill mind// decompose the flows// of wack rappers// with the kind// thinkin' they'll get signed// all they gotta do is pay the fines// they call them dues// 'cause they got// somethin' to prove// they seek that validation// for the things they choose// while i'm like// ((REWIND))
Track Name: Darkness ft. godAWFUL
So frustrated// it's tough// lately to think straight// my mind state// pushed to the limit// of every disgrace// between the stand out// reroute// freestyle rhyme out// foreclosed house// ((I could die now))// face melt// to the pillow// I could kill those// let them breathe slow// in a crescendo// a bit of oh no// gangreene fingers// tap the tempo// download the info// and keep it simple// PBX// is the kinfolk// broken glass patterns fill my window// with a streetlight// bonfire flicker// is the keeper// of the right hype// i'm the type of man// to speak his mind// when appropriate// I also know to// shut the fuck up// when I focus in// the scary thing// about the anger// is it feels good// the dark side consumes// dark matter// up in a black hood// a church steeple// casts the shadow// of a dark cross// the lake water// turns dark// as the daylight// burns off//

It burns bright// punchin' straight// for the sinus height// for any mother fucker// claimin' nice// when they ain't rhymin' right// darkness it bends// to the shape// of my friends// until the night ends// we'll be at it again// cause//

my friends sell records// my friends sell drugs//

you just copped dope// spazzin' like a cockroach// audio enabled// pot smoke// while you drop soap// dark jail cells// with piss smells// while I ring bells// breathe deep// in dark// till it sparks// and you inhale// I'm sobered up// but my friends// they stay high as fuck// comin' thru// like osmosis// when i'm in a clutch// split a dutch// spill the guts// live it up// break it up// do your thing// what the fuck// you know// you're only// livin' once// no sense fakin' it// shakin' it// put some bacon in it// I won't even eat// unless the beats// are all obnoxious with it// yea i'm witted// and I kill it// when I battle// fuck ya feelins// darkness outside// it surrounds// and ignites the buildin'// i'm a killer your a killer// everybody dies// at the first sight of light// cause the darkness can't hide// but that's alright// 'cause we'll be back// when the sun sets// me and my friends// sellin' records// at the onset//
Track Name: Trippin on the Livin' Room Floor ft. Blak Philly
My mind’s been playin’ tricks// I’m sick of nervous ticks// and hearin voices talking shit// in every song I mix// it’s like somebody took my brain// and soaked it with gas// they say I spit fire// so rap acts// much like a match// my soul is in control of every part// and artery// me and Coletti try and talk// about the visions I have calmly// it always turns to discussions// bout robitussin// and how to end the munchies// with a box of// of dunkin donuts munchkins// my issue is to fix two// plates with blind dates// with two sluts// who treat dating like a paper chase// but// I can’t relax// my back// is hurtin// I better lay down// to taste sounds// for a view// I think is profound//

That’s when I realize// that neck ties// is no way to live lives// cubicles are cruel// and basically unusual// by// the time it wears off// it’ll be another day lost// and I’ll be back to tryin to get by// and hatin my boss// lookin at my past// last time I went to mass// was when I used to keep a little plastic jesus// on my dash// I haven’t lost faith// but hate makes me contemplate// ways// I can pawn off parts of myself// so I make pay//
Track Name: Crash Land
I need eye drops// a pair of high tops// and some fine scotch// a full tank a gas// while I ride// in the blind spot// i've got// several different ways// to spray// my word jots// you herbs got// nothin' copacetic// for a head nod// back to basics// reppin' for the 86// oh// you never even know// how I'll play it// this ain't self-love// but it's so hot// that it melts gloves// blast scuds// like i'm North Korean// in a bathtub// put your smart phones// down and rock with it// let your heart tone// beat and try to live quick// instead of lookin' through the screen// saving life to little scenes// try to feel the words I mean// and find a reason// for the beef// smack a motherfucker in the face// if you mean it// get even// I never fear another man// that bleeds// it's hunting season// like a full blast collab// move fast// brash// snappin' necks// from the tracks// and notepads

I bring it from the sky// to the ground// and everyone around// hear's the sound// when it comes down//
crash land// crash// crash land// crash land// crash// crash land//
I bring it from the top// to the bottom// identify yourself// if you got problems// as I//
crash land// crash crash land// crash land// crash// crash land

this is life// on a microphone// I write poems// to metronomes// so every syllable// precise// when the// entire measures full// never test a raging bull// i'll rip apart their molecules// along with anyone// that ever// followed you// what the fuck// am I doin'// with my life line// fillin' up my head// always tryin' to read minds// when it crash lands// brash// to the front line// robotic bomb squad// strapped// with the stric-9// it's all poison// I can't turn it down like that// but my voice is// always tryin' flex right back// like it's focused// and you can't even dodge// that rap// 'cause it's chosen// for you to have to// feel that wrath// I put my blood// and guts on it// my brain stem// my ear drums// and my eyes// on it// you tried to put your mouth// but I kept runnin'// and when it finally stuck// there was mad suction// or somethin'/
Track Name: Naked ft. Illus
I'm a nuance// runnin' through the grass// without shoes on// seein' through these// kiss ass rappers// like liquid// goof off// nothin' ever said can stick// and I won't respond// think you got me killed// but any level// I can re spawn// type with the hyper focus// it's no gift// my mind flicks quick// from two point in instance// and imprints// the idea// on people// that I don't listen// shit// I think deep// and I keep// my cadences// everybody knows I rap nice// so the bars high// that's why I// fight// to get my shine// and when I don't get it// I never edit//and i'll be the one to dead it// for the one that said it// I set it// ignore me now// and you'll look stupid// in the future// that goes for those// who pay attention// and the ones// that used ta// i'm brutal// I spit a vortex// that melts// the planet// auditory cortex// decompresses// the language//

I'll say it// though it won't// make a hit record// break myself// into little sections// for these seconds// so that sectors// can infect themselves// and get a little better// show these two faces out// that i'm hannibal lector// and wreck it// i'm a new species// when I spit frees// I really grind out// and you ain't got// a ten speed// i'm the apex// when I bust// it's raw sex// and I'd check// yourself// I'm tyrannosaurs rex// -you rejects// expected less// -you're lucky// that I even let you// near me// at a live set// - emcee superior// come test// i'll send you packin'// right back// to the essence// with your nakedness// I don't got a list// for why I do this// be at it// 'till i'm dead// so keep on// checkin' for the new shit// -but lose lips// sink ships// - I got the gift of gab// I don't say shit// that's useless//
Track Name: Smash
Light it up// goin nuts// right before// your crack the dutch// crackin' up// can get touched// they ain't gettin none of us// most of the time// we be movin' in silence// tighter than the science behind// bustin' a hymen// you can't even roll that thick// hit that chick// if she ever popped that noise// throw that brick// make that smash// cut that class// smoke that hash// don't ever say// that you got it from brash// ((what??)) stomp 'em in the nuts// when he's chillin' in the cut// if he ever runs his mouth// then he'll be out on the run// I ain't fuckin' with these clowns// always thinkin' that they down// with they unauthentic sound// that they bringin' around it's like// hocus pocus// and abracadabra// name in the rafter// they catch a disaster// with a taste// of the real// that they try to steal// try to get a meal// I don't recognize// or give a shit// how they feel//

We go ride// if we wanna ride// right through the doors// to the other side// make you wanna die// break perceptions and mechanize// come correct// then we weaponize// put 'em on smash (x2)

fuck your suicide doors// make your suicide happen// all about they money// and they glitta// when they rappin'// reverse the polarity// it's opposite attraction// up in stop and shop// and i'm stealin' out the rations// i'll be goin' buck// for the street smarts// make you depart// make you see heart// i'm Kano with the flex arm// make you jack beats// runnin' like a track meet// only time you ever packed heat's// in a tag team// ((what?)) hit 'em in the face// leave his audience displaced// if he ever says my name// he'll be runnin' out the game// right back where he came from// nah// ain't the same one// that lame's done// we all// might as well// get his grave dug// laugh at the epitaph// autograph it// comin' through the spot// actin' like they got// the magic// they ain't even have it// shit is kinda tragic// I ain't bein' passive// they below the average//

put 'em on smash// like
put 'em on smash// like
put 'em on smash// like

poppin' lots of pills// slingin' out// to pay the bills// 'till he finally get the drill// and he catch// a quarter mill// case// I don't buy your// tough guy act// ace// ya'll fake// how many gimmicks// and cynics// can all these crabs take?// top of the mind// and recorded// rewarded// I can't afford shit// so you forfeit// your fortress// from orbit// your ego enormous// choppin' your head off// in the middle of the chorus// explode it// kick him in the teeth// if he ever want that beef// he'll be workin' up a queef// 'till the middle// of the week// and I ain't gotta speak// on a name// that he slang out// anytime// anywhere// anyplace// bang out// (( pop pop))// two slugs// drive fast// take drugs// slap sluts// make love// their stee// (( same stuff))// you ain't gotta ride rough// it'll be a rough ride// illest motherfucker that you seen// from the east side//
Track Name: The End Was Near
It was the year// of the y2k bug// while you took tests// I was out// doin' drugs// I almost died// in the snow outside// and I find// that sometimes// I fight// to stay alive// and i've// learned a couple things about myself// through the years// I was tempted// but only fucked// with weed and beer// but now I try// to keep a distance from it// I understand my limits// I don't go// for that abundance// everything I touch turns shitty// every rhyme stays gritty// -blowin' trees// like a Chimney// puff puff pass// if you ever got// ask// but don't think Brash// is goin' over for that// I got two kids// and a day job// to hold down// I got a few bills// and a rep// in this town// I know first hand// what the drugs will do// let me break down// a couple of these things// for you//

I can't feel my feet// or my hands// I wanted to stick with the plan// and live grand// in the van// but than// it all changed// in a second// ingested// my investment// saw a glitch// in the reflection// I felt myself collapse// and the whole world went slow// last thing I remember was// peace out rapple// I passed out// thinkin that the end// was near// I passed out// thinkin' that the end was near//

I got stuck in a rehab system// for 6 weeks// and hit peaks// when they speak// bout my entry// put me in a bed// that my neck tweaked up in// feelin' like my nervous systems// eruptin'// detox// with the beat box// and the bass kicks// I healed quick// but this kid// just got more sick// next bed over// he shook// and he screamed// and it seemed// like he had// an inner demon// he wanted released// I came to// found some cloths// in a suitcase// I felt renewed// but this kid// just looked like waste// he had H in his veins// and he found light// three days later// we had met on the other side// the next few weeks// the time flew passed// bumpin' the tunnel// by funk flex// and big kapp// loved it// dubbed it// I flunked// all my subjects// and most of these kids// were always up// to sumthin'// sneak out// gotta piece// freak out// leave// aresol// huffin in the back room// quick freeze// badder than bad// I was hated and had// a little coin// that they gave me// when I graduated last//

I came back to a place// where I was hated// and made fun of// unsure of myself// feelin' like// I wasn't brought up// and all of these kids// thought of me// just as some fuck up// and no matter what I did// I just couldn't// get my grades up// pigeonholed// told// I was nothin// and would never be// this where the seeds// were sown// for me to be// an emcee// I remember wishin' I had died// in that cold night// like// my entire life// accompanied by// stage fright// I had gave completely// my senior year// but still went to school// which now seems pretty weird// I couldn't live// feelin' like// a rat in a maze// I needed guidance// when I was// running that race// fast forward// a few years// after this// learned how to rap// and I'll// to master this// I got my degree// and got// honors lists// and now own a house// and continue// to live// ha//
Track Name: Last Days
Make it// there is no such thing// in my existence// there's only do or not do// and the beats// that I interpret// there's only snares a kicks// and samples here// without a clearance// there's only little pressure points// between// that I keep squeezin'// I can't stop// rhymes occur to me at strange times// I hide it with a smile// and file away// each dope line// you can't make a living at it// with a tight grind// you gotta treat it like// the holy grail of life// to get shine// I love music// but I have to provide// there's way too much at steak// for me to pause// and sacrifice time// they know I kill it// but it's family first// like illus// cold shoulders front in front of you// but secretly they feel it// i'm not fakin'' like some hood kid// who came up// to fit in// with these asshats// who try to act tough// to prove what// they livin' is the realest// in a dope form// but my storm// will stand ground// and stand out// way more//

I'll always kill them// with a blank stare// it's like I fired nightmares// through my cross hairs// right there//
I hope my dark thoughts// eat them alive// as everything they care about in life// slowly dies//
I maintain// though I feel a decay// the game is losing ground// people walking away// I'm not feeling what these artists// in the game have to say// so i'll make my own music// 'till my very last days//

Disenchanted// though I manage// all my rage fits// trying to escape a day job// like the matrix// and everyone I know// throughout my life// could be an agent// the most important rule in battle rap// is nothing's sacred// make sure you stab them// where there heart beats// their career ain't shit// just punch lines// and jacked beats// I never got some label off// with single// but i've worked with legends in the game// like Domingo// it doesn't matter to me much// if people recognize it// I just want the bass and kick drums// harmonizin'// I want to make a mark// like when your father// wanted silence// I just want to pull them in// like an// event horizon// i'm on edge// 'cause I have to make bread// I need a 1up// stay bustin' bricks// with my head// i'll always use this weapon// give the paper the lead// put when it comes to paper// i'd be better off// dead//
Track Name: Through This Life ft. INF
This life's stressful// - it's filled with obstacles// most of what I want// seems out of reach// and impossible// it's always hit or miss// near exit 6// get the best of you// and fix// a little somethin' new// so I can get it in// most of these emcees// only conscious of the image// they get torn apart by critics// they just standard definitions// meanwhile i've been buildin'// somethin new// and pretty different// my brain's exposed// to people on the beat// like blotter liquid// so sip it// take a little dose// to the dome// and expose// everything you ever thought// you could ever know// music gives a ray of hope// to a guy like me// barely keeping sane// through these chemical// properties// that I// ingest// select the best// infect the rest// put it to the test// while I invest// my essence// in these little sections// of these pieces// that I put together// on these beats// that I craft// through the seasons//

Everything seems out of control// and the more// that I slip// then the// tighter I hold// so it goes// for this life// as the story gets told//
I keep it movin'// through this life//

-if it weren't for friends and families// I would've sprung a leak// and used the liquid// in insanity// sprayed my brain// across the grain// to make it stain// so maybe you can gain// some understanding of my pain// though i've changed// -I always battle saddness// I can't provide// and my wife// just doesn't// get my actions// the more I build// the more I see destroyed// and i'm annoyed// i've been feeling toyed with// watch two faces flip they coins// there's no rescue// I came here in a test tube// you better watch it nephew// or you'll end up on Neptune// my seeds are sown// full grown// master ceremonies// despite that fact// the pay stay light// and rap is phoney// I just deal// with my life's path// while sucker emcees// blow that// happy sunshine// up your ass// club music bubble gum pop jazz// I wish I could snap// their weak arms back// until they double tap//
Track Name: Rap is a Drug ft. Com Plex
Medicated for the aggravations// made the rational// excel// beyond// my prior aliases// new name// birthed for the game// that I play// but don't speak it// they don't buy the music// that frequent// but leak it// ((shhh))// you want to keep a secret?// I relied// on rap money once// and was the cheapest// ate ring dings// and corner store// food// for the feastin// ballin' on a budget// like the future'd make it even// -then I fell in love with a dime// who doesn't understand// my compulsion// to rhyme// all the time// I switched up// and got a degree// in English// got a decent gig// the following year// I finished// had a son// and got laid off// that's the chips// sacrificed the time// I could've ripped mics// to have some kids// I'm happy where I am// though I want to tour// this rap is like a drug// and I want more and more//

Cocaine// Mary Jane// take a swig of that// chemical compounds// mixed off the map// mind body and soul// devoured up in the raps// devoured in the raps//
It's like a drug// that will fuck you up//

Cocaine// Mary Jane// take a swig of those// fallin' farther down the gutter// for the life// I chose// see it as a gimmick// and misunderstand the growth// mind body a soul//
It's like a drug// that will fuck you up//

I always had a knack// for writing stuff// crafting people// out of pages// and tranformin'// words// right off the cuff// grew up// on a drum set// and a guitar// some people from may past// can't really grasp// that I spit bars// I guess it's hard for them// that I changed my art// I wanted from the start// it took awhile// just to// find the heart// I lacked the courage// felt discouraged// when I first tried// got booted out of Sully's// in Hartford// at an// open mic // I found my voice// among these bad choices// abused myself for rap// made them sure// that I was open// dope sick// need more of that// I just need to leave them shakin'// attack the mic// and push my dope// like I was// ronald reagan// i'm closer too it// than I ever was// it's more than drugs// if you scratch the surface// to the music// then you'll feel a buzz// you shouldn't touch the stuff// it's really bad for you// boom bap// rap// attached// to injections// of the purest truth//
Track Name: Pass the Peas ft. Joey Batts and Logic
Bang Bang// bubble through the frame// bang orangatang// speakin' slang// heavy// and we go all out// speak clout// thicker than a smoke cloud// bustin' from the short rounds// breathin' in// the dust// right now// I can't// save it for the last rights// all they do is dick ride// always try to jack// my style// kill mics// every chance we smash those// use the powers brash chose// always gotta spit// type foul// smash heads// crash dead// flip the game// of queens and pawns// catch a leprechaun// with some salad tongs// ((call it check mate//)) every chance I get// leave a king trapped// school you on my 9 to 5// then choke you out// in battle rap// check my resume// see what I demonstrate// so pass those fuckin' peas// or be deceased// on my dinner plate// I got the gumtion// to rhyme a buncha dumb shit// spend my whole life// checkin mics// as a function//

Pass the peas// pass the peas// pass the peas// as they used to say...
Track Name: Can't Stop My Shine
Robotic// they so toxic// they play mind games// out in our own lane
they can't stop my shine
This is top floor rhymin'// encrusted with diamonds//
they can't stop my shine
anger// they so basic// full of fakeness// losing my patience//
they can't stop my shine
bent mind// see the signs// melt// with their hands up// death where they stand
they can't stop my shine

Get ugly on the track// with the fang teeth// when I go deep// someone gets// a nosebleed// for a minute// protect your investments// beg for forgiveness// with your wits// slung around// about you// like a hybrid// no gas// no class// nothing to you// dead battery// fallacy// all your fake youth// make a hammer bang down// like judgment// somethin// ain't right in your head// try to shove you// in the oven// blisters// across// any mr// and misses// who thinkin' dismissive// underestimate my skills// you can cry about// your record sales// while I kill you// replay it for// a jury of my peers// under voodoo// shrink heads// stab hearts// on small dolls// -pop an adderrall// to get your mind right// make a phone call// get your friends involved// let them know of my existence// i'll kill it in an instant// defenseless//

hear this// cancerous cures// for the infants// i'll leave you haggard// on the apex// of the imprint// everything is broken// so you'll drown// in the liquids// I vanquish// emcees who use names// for biscuits// I kill shit// in the darkest corner of bad dreams// you fad teams// go stone// and break down// like star scream// dust to dust// ash to ash// rap's johnny cash// while I wait// for financial// collapse// turn a road of// paved gold// to ruins// take what you value as a thought// and then show you// that it's useless// talkers think they live it// when they never take the risks// and depend on your name// to try and exist// they have you wonder why// you ever shared the audience with them// you can kick me when i'm down// but run// when I stand again// if you standin' in my corner// don't mistake it when// I point the fakers out// and you know if you are// one of them//